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Our speciality is to work with natural stone for its durability and beauty in all its forms.

We work directly with the granite quarries of the Tarn, Brittany, Portugal, Spain and sometimes India. We can offer a great range of colours (yellow, white, pink, grey) in a choice of sizes (area and thickness). We can offer a large pallet of slabs for terraces with bands of colour or patterns and pieces cut to size for steps and thresholds. We can offer different finishes from polished to rough hewn, shot-blasted, granite offers a multitude of choices for the best possible effect. Mosaics, large and small, can give an enormous range of effects like white St Ambreuil stone from Croatia, beige quartzite, Brazilian quartzite in green, yellow or pink, or golden Béola and porphyre used for terraces and swimming pool surrounds.

Prefabricated slabs also offer a wide range of colours and finishes resembling natural stone but at a more moderate price.

We also work with pretreated wood to produce decking which marries well with stone and is suitable for areas around swimming pools.